New development of research aimed at the realization of a nuclear fusion reactor. Grant in Aid for Scienrific Research for Priority Areas(2007 tp 2011) Tritium Science and Technolgy for Fusion Reactor
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Tritium Science and Technolgy for Fusion Reactor
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Research Purpose and Outline

Research purpose
The main aim of this project is to establish tritium safety in a D-T fusion reactor. Since huge amount of radioactive tritium must be introduced into the reactor as a fuel, we are facing to lots of safety concerns newly appeared to be solved. Main efforts will be to establish tritium safety in (1) a fueling system keeping continuous D-T burning, (2) tritium exhausting, recovering and refining processes, (3) a tritium breeding system with a breeding rate over 1.0, and (4) tritium monitoring and accounting systems.
In addition, easy isotopic exchange reactions of tritium with hydrogen in water and hydro-carbons result in the contamination of the systems, which require decontamination techniques. The project also aims to provide new insights into basic tritium science and technology.

Problems related tritium safety in a DT fusion reactor

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